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    Self service catering

FoodButler24 – probably the smartest 24/7 catering:

Provides customers in the office, in the hotel, in the fitness club, or wherever a 24/7 supply of food, drinks or other everyday items needs to be offered quickly and efficiently.

simple and cashless customer journey

quick registration and login

attractive design

All processes are controlled, evaluated and controlled via an operator portal. Integrated operation with many other smart features is possible through integration into the existing system of the operator.

For example, the management system learns customer behavior (predictive sales) for an optimal offer, pricing and to avoid vacancies. 

Did you know that the smart cooler market is expected to reach $6.85 billion in 2026? And Western Europe is one of the regions that is expected to see the greatest growth over the next few years?

In a highly competitive market, our product is THE solution that will make the difference in your company's revenue and brand positioning.


Consumers can take a close look at the chilled products, buy barrier-free, choose from a variety of more than 20 different products and at the same time enjoy a 2.0 webshop UX with various intuitive and interactive functions.

About FoodButler24

Start via mobile phone or bank card – 
Easily remove products – 
Close the door = automatic payment


    Without restrictions due to opening times! A comfortable customer experience at any time of the day.

  • 24/7 PICK UP

    Click & Collect orders are no longer tied to opening hours or delivery times


  • 100% DIGITAL

    Software with modern user experience and highly efficient management

Benefits for Sales & Service in detail:

An "automated" sale means a higher level of service and flexibility for your customers

Gather data about consumer behavior to make strategic decisions, customize your product offering, and increase sales

High hygiene standards, compliance standards and protection against theft

intuitive web shop - 2.0 UX with cashless payment, directly on the smartphone.

unique personal account for balance management and product selection, loyalty programs, etc.

there is almost no product that cannot be sold by FoodButler24 - for a range change with just a few manipulations.

Your customers can pick up the ordered products after notification - conveniently and contactless.

Self-Service Creates human resources for more valuable activities instead of routine tasks - at the same time you offer your customers greater flexibility and thus more service!

Thanks to intuitive and simple software design, you can offer your customers and employees a logical and modern user interface (UX, user experience) including the option of remote maintenance.

Inventory, sales data and consumer behavior in real time to optimize the product portfolio.

Consumers expect quality and an individual customer experience. FoodButler24 becomes your brand ambassador.

for on-site service and support


FoodButler24 is a fully digital system with webshop user experience and numerous digital functions and is ready to use out-of-the-box. All inventory and movement data are in the portal, are managed there and can be synchronized with your business software if required (e.g. a price change takes place automatically with one click on all devices, etc.). Check-out happens automatically.

Whether as a stand-alone, as several connected or as an automated Kanteen - FoodButler24 is modular, individual & versatile - and always a perfect investment in the future of your company!

key data

  • connections

    230 volts, LAN

  • Integration of card reader

    Scanner etc., receipt printing, payment, RKSV

  • API software

    Interfaces for connecting to the ERP or other systems

  • FoodButler24
  • Broad
  • Height
  • depth
  • volume
  • Click & Collect
  • number of facings
  • number of products
  • front element

  • FoodButler24
  • 60 cm
  • 186/202 cm
  • 69 cm
  • 400 / 441 liters
  • about 20 different products
  • approx. 400 products
  • Screen 32” (or other formats)

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