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  • FoodButler24 - probably the smartest 24/7 self-service smart fridge.

  • Inventory management: FoodButler24 keeps track of stock levels, warns you when items are running low and helps you streamline your ordering process.

  • Temperature control: FoodButler24 ensures a constant temperature, which keeps food fresher longer and reduces waste.

  • Remote Monitoring: You can access the refrigerator's settings and monitor its performance remotely, giving you peace of mind and saving you time.

  • Adjustable Shelves: FoodButler24's shelves can be easily adjusted to accommodate different sizes and shapes of items, making them more versatile and customizable to your needs.

  • Energy efficiency: FoodButler24 is designed for energy efficiency and saves on energy costs over time.

  • Predictive AI: FoodButler24 collects and analyzes the data on consumer behavior (preferred products, peak times, frequency of purchase) and helps you to predict the demand of your consumers to increase sales and minimize waste..

  • Powerful software portal, designed to manage almost any type of administrative operation, optimize business performance and generate new revenue streams while improving customer satisfaction, all from one central location.

  • Equipped with the latest technology and from high quality materials

FoodButler24 is the ultimate solution for efficient and organized hospitality management in hotels, canteens, offices and other large food companies. This revolutionary refrigerator is equipped with state-of-the-art management software that simplifies meal inventory and tracking.

FoodButler's software is highly customizable, allowing you to set up different levels of access and permissions for your team. This ensures that only authorized personnel have access to specific data.

Additionally, the FoodButler24 is designed with a sleek and modern aesthetic that blends seamlessly with any design. Its high-quality materials ensure that it is both durable and easy to clean.

They can offer a variety of food and drinks tailored to different dietary needs and preferences. The software allows you to set up meal plans, menus and prices, simplifying the management of food offerings and providing a hassle-free experience for your team or guests.

FoodButler24 is a game changer for hotels, canteens, offices and other large food companies. Its revolutionary management software simplifies food management and inventory tracking, reducing food waste and increasing efficiency.

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including webshop customer journey & backend for efficient management



system height


Minimum width facade

125 cm

system width

147 cm

capacity for goods


space requirement

1.47 sqm

Number of facings*

81 (for standard product 8 x 6 x 12 cm)

Number of products*

486 (for standard product 8 x 6 x 12 cm)

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