Myths about automation

In today's world, the consumer expects a seamless sales experience from start to finish. And thanks to the rapid growth of e-commerce and micromarkets, customers are no longer limited to bricks-and-mortar shops for their purchases, but are asking about vending machines and micromarkets.

73 % of consumers prefer local retailers to use automation over human resources in at least one area of the shopping experience

79 % of consumers are already making purchases directly from their mobile devices

44 % of consumers want an automated tool to check product information or inventory, even if it means waiting a few seconds for a response.

While automation combined with smart vending management software has its advantages, there are some common misconceptions that may prevent a company from fully embracing it.

Let's take a look at some of these myths and see why they hold back:

While technology can replace specific tasks, it can also create new job opportunities and improve existing ones by freeing up time for higher-level tasks.

Automation can save companies money in the long run by increasing efficiency and reducing manual errors. Automation is often seen as an expensive endeavor, but when done properly, the cost of automation is less than the amount you could lose by not automating.

Automation is not just limited to large companies, small and medium-sized businesses can also benefit from it. Automation can help improve efficiency and increase productivity, no matter the size of the business. By using the right automation tools, small businesses can remain competitive and more easily scale their operations. In addition, automation as a CAPEX is very efficient and can be easily financed by banks if planned properly.

Automation can actually increase creativity by freeing up time for more strategic and innovative thinking.

While implementing automation can take some effort, it can also be a straightforward process with the right tools and support.

Automation can be designed to provide empathetic experiences such as B. Using conversational AI to support customer service.

It is important to understand the true possibilities and limitations of automation, as well as its potential benefits, in order to make informed decisions about its use in different industries.

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